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Painting A Moonlit Cloud

Come relax with me as I paint this moonlit cloud ☁🌙☁ I was out the other night with the doggos, walking them around the yard, and the sky was just stunning with this big fluffy clouds outlined in bright moonlight from the nearly half full waxing moon. It was so magical, but I wasn't sure I could take a photo of it. So I decided the next day to find a good reference online for lighting, and sketch out roughly the cloud that inspired me so the night before.

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Painting A French Church

I'm so enjoying the magic of painting lately. Not only because it is magic, or creation, but also some self-love magic as well. It's been keeping me happy and calm so that other tasks in my daily life aren't as heavy. I also adore that I can spend some time travelling whilst creating these landscapes, and I've been travelling the French countryside for the past few months. I cannot wait until we have vaccines and treatments for covid, and we can begin travel again. I have plans to live in Europe for a year or two so that we can travel to all the many places we want to see, and do it in a slower way that provides time...

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Book Review: Seasons of Moon and Flame by Danielle Dulsky

    I just had the pleasure of reading another of Danielle Dulsky's amazing tomes, Seasons of Moon & Flame The Wild Dreamer’s Epic Journey of Becoming. (Please order through your local bookshop if you can!) I adored the journey I took through her last book, The Holy Wild, and this one is no different. First off, here is how the book is set up: each part of the book focuses on one of the elemental/seasonal hags, grannies who will show you how to dig deep into who you are. Within each part, we explore different concepts of being by the changing of the moon. We receive stories from these beloved hags, stories that speak to the deepest truths of...

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