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10 Teas To Sip Iced

Of course, it goes without saying (though I'm saying it anyway, lol) my iced tea line is full of delicious options for iced tea! But you don't need to feel limited to just those seven! I think for the most part, almost any tea can be made and is good iced. For the spicier blends, an iced latte would be perfect!  For this list, I'll add what juices to add to kick it up a notch, or if it would be great as a latte right beside the suggestion. These aren't in any particular order. 1. Midsummer raspberry-peach black & honeybush tea add 1/4 c peach nectar to 2L or add slightly crushed peaches and raspberries 2. Cancer melon honeybush...

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Book Review - The Holy Wild by Danielle Dulsky

Holy Wild, A Heathen Bible for the Untamed Woman by Danielle Dulsky is such a gem of a spiritual book. Though aimed towards those who identify as women, I would say this would be a fantastic book to pick up for anyone who wants to dig deep into the feminine spirit and magicks.

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Valentine Teas & The Celebration of Love

Get those candles lit, brew up a delectably delicious cup of tea, read or watch stories that remind you how beautiful connection and love is, and celebrate that we can feel something so wonderful, and so universal, so deeply. It's the language that connects us all.

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