Book Review: Seasons of Moon and Flame by Danielle Dulsky



I just had the pleasure of reading another of Danielle Dulsky's amazing tomes, Seasons of Moon & Flame The Wild Dreamer’s Epic Journey of Becoming. (Please order through your local bookshop if you can!)

I adored the journey I took through her last book, The Holy Wild, and this one is no different.

First off, here is how the book is set up: each part of the book focuses on one of the elemental/seasonal hags, grannies who will show you how to dig deep into who you are. Within each part, we explore different concepts of being by the changing of the moon. We receive stories from these beloved hags, stories that speak to the deepest truths of the resistance we have to embodying our truest selves. And of overcoming those resistances.

There are rituals and spells to guide you through each moon in each season, simple, yet still steeped in the mysteries of the self. Of discovering what is most important to us, of manifesting those things, and of learning how to let go what doesn't serve us in order to stay grounded in our true self.

What I really adored about this book is a constant reminder of those who came before us, and those who will come after us. Being ourselves in the moment, the manifestation of our ancestors, and the fact that what we do now will lead to the future world our grandchildren (of course not just of our own flesh) will inherit.

Danielle provides writing prompts in each part. They are set up so that we write out our self-observations, and experiences in a storytelling fashion. This allows us to see the weave of ourselves, our lives.
I'm looking forward to digging into these stories and accompanying spells/practices to explore deeply into my own ideals, my own self-made obstacles, as well as dismantling them, and the ones society has put before us all.

All in all, this is another wonderfully meaty book to help us connect into ourselves, and our own magick. A magick that connects us to our ancestors, and our descendants. A magick to be used to change the world to a place we desire it to be, wild, free, and full of wonder.

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