It has been such a strange time, friends. Not only with the covid, but if you don't follow on Instagram, last September my kitty Princess passed. It seems since then, things have been so in-between. Nothing is in the light, though nothing is covered in darkness either.

And now with the covid, time seems to have no meaning at all, it runs as fast as it can when we listen to the news about how people are suffering through this, losing their loved ones; and yet, the last month and a half has felt like decades. The anxiety and stress making each moment last an eternity.

I'm struggling with this as I know you are too. We'll react in different ways, of course, but we are all collectively, globally, enduring such a harrowing situation. My body has reacted, my stomach upset, actual nausea a few weeks ago (which isn't usually how my body responds to stress). It's hard.

And yet, I feel such a growing realization that we are connected together, this web brings us all in together. That the capitalist systems that we live under have for too long oppressed all but the very rich few. Eyes are opening, hearts are connecting. We need to leave this idea that it's every person for themselves... that's not how a communal creature works. That we shouldn't listen to that drivel and accept that we are individually responsible for our situations despite the systems very knowingly are created to keep the majority of us down, and increasingly so.

Honestly, I'm ready for the post-covid revolution. Eat the rich.

But for now... we're in this place. The boundary between life and death is oh so thin, making the truth so much more apparent and clear. Keep praying and doing your magicks for the revolution, for breaking down this oppressive collection of horrendous systems. We will have freedom and a compassionate world.

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