The Magick of Creating Teas

After having a little chat about this on Instagram a little while ago (the video is still up in my feed, or you can find it in the IGTV section of my profile: The Forest Witch Mia), I decided it would make a good topic for a blog post!

There is magick in creating teas, well, there is magick in creating anything. All of life is filled with inspiration for us to pull on for everything we make. Then everything we create becomes inspiration for us to make new magick with too. It's such a beautiful cycle. 

 Photo by Amanda (@nerdofangelandshadow on Instagram)

Magick in Stories

We must begin with the fact that I pull so much inspiration from stories, of course! 

I have always loved reading and watching amazing tv shows and movies, as well as playing games that have fantastic stories that reach into and pull at my heartstrings. I feel that stories are one of the best methods of communicating and connecting to each other we have, I truly feel it's just ingrained in us to want to do.

Telling a story can make communicating a hard concept easier to understand at a deeper, more personal level, and less prone to devolving into argument. This is obviously a major point of storytelling, as so many tales have strong morals it is trying to teach us to apply to our own lives. 
I find I remembered the cautionary tales in my everyday life more than someone telling me what I did was wrong, but not really explaining why. (Not only do kids love stories, but it's just a much easier delivery for ideas people want to resist or don't understand yet; young and old alike).


Let's go beyond the ease of delivering concepts though. Stories can give us the feeling that we are not alone, that someone else has had the same experiences as we have, whether joyful, or not. They can allow us to see how connected we really are to each other, even if we're just connecting to a fictional character. We generally tend to put ourselves in the role of the main characters in stories, which means that countless other people who enjoy that story are also connected to that character. Therefore, fellow readers are connected to us.

This also allows us to experience things that would never happen to us in the circumstances of our lives, allow us to be more open and caring towards those we don't feel we have much in common with. To see that all human experience is complicated, that our psychologies are complicated, and that we all just really need to realize we are so much more connected than we think.

We can laugh, cry, and feel the deep love between these seemingly fictional people, and that's such a beautiful thing. It allows us to be more open to that experience with other real-life people.

Gah, I seriously love storytelling so much. It's just so important, whether in actual stories, or even art. 


Translating Stories into Tea

So you may be thinking this all seems like a lot to be putting into something simple like tea, right?

Sometimes I think so too, lol. But this is where it's all magick.


To start, when I create a tea, I'm thinking about the character, the setting, the things I love about them, and their story. 

I mentioned in the video that when I created the tea blend for Claire Fraser, I thought of how she spent quite a bit of time out in the wilds when running from danger, and how her knowledge of plants would help her survive.
I began with Iron Goddess oolong, because she had mentioned not having had a good cuppa since WWII had taken her far from home. It's also sweet, grassy, and floral, which is perfect for being in the woods. Then came the idea that she would be able to find little bits of food that would provide needed nutrients, like rosehips, or blackberries. 

And there it is, this story that I am inspired by creates a little story in my head about one of my favourite characters, and they just present what kind of tea would be perfect for them. This happens a lot with my deity teas as well.


Food also brings people joy and comfort, so there's a perfect coming together of these two experiences of something delicious and comforting, and something that allows us to feel connected. Of course, tea is a perfect companion to reading, or catching up on the latest episode of your favourite show.

Food and the sharing of it also connect us together, we know this because if we even get a whiff of Gramma's shortbread cookie recipe, we are right back to our childhoods around the holidays. Remembering our favourite personal stories, playing with new toys, eating delicious big meals, and spending time with loved ones. Food is a powerful way to link us to our own histories, both in our lives, and to the history of our ancestors.

We also know that food connects us together, who doesn't enjoy sharing a feast of our favourite meal or dessert with loved ones? Not only that, but it can make friends out of a table of strangers! 


This is what goes into my teas, this is the magick that I am always aware of when I create teas. 

Honestly, I'm always astounded when I pull back and think about it for a moment, I get to do such a wonderous thing and share it with so many people, creating more connections <3 

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