Exilio eum Protego Loose Leaf Black Tea

Exilio eum Protego Loose Leaf Black Tea

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Exilio eum Protego is a warming lemon tea, black tea is blended with lemon and lemon myrtle, the white pepper and ginger are added to heat up this magickal cup.

This tea is designed to banish negativities and evil, then protect you. All negative energies and ill wishes against you will be washed away as you sip. Then protection will rest over you moving forward, making way for happier things in life.

• Black tea creates a strong, earthy foundation for this blend.

• Ginger is a wonderful root to fire up any magick you do, adding heat and movement to your work. It ensures your success with endeavours regarding love, power, and wealth. In general, it will increase your chances at success. It is also a powerful healing herb, not only magickally, but medicinally. Ruled by Mars. Associated element is fire.

• Lemon has long been used not only in mundane cleansing, but in spiritual cleansing. It is wonderful at purifying, and getting rid of negative energies. Lemon is also used for love, creating a clean space in your life for love to enter in. Ruled by the Moon. Its associated element is Water.

• Lemon myrtle provides cleansing and purifying energies to help clear out negativities and ill wishes. It is very helpful in love workings making way for love to come into your life. Ruled by Venus. Associated element is water.

• White pepper creates heat, allowing for strong banishment of negativity and evil. Not only is it used to get rid of negative energies, it will fiercely protect against them in the future. Ruled by Mars. Associated element is Fire.


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Each bag has enough tea for 20 cups when you measure out one teaspoon per cup (8oz) of boiled water.

Comes in a resealable stand-up pouch for easy storing and lasting freshness.


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