Sanderson Sisters Pendant
Sanderson Sisters Pendant
Sanderson Sister Teas by The Forest Witch. Photograph by Laine Leard-Baeirsto
Sanderson Sisters Pendant

Sanderson Sisters Pendant

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What a fabulous way to celebrate Halloween and your love (and my love!) of the movie, Hocus Pocus! I definitely had aspirations as a child to be like Sarah Sanderson, who used her song magick to lure children away so that the sisters could live forever! Of course, I would never use song magick for such nefarious deeds... 

This is the pendant that was created for the fantastic collaboration between Rebecca of Epiphany Tresors, Sam of Moss Realm, and I! 

Rebecca designed and sculpted the fabulous broom pendant to represent each of the Sanderson Sisters' brooms, then Sam electroformed each pendant for that wonderful copper exterior with a lovely little garnet.


Then, I created three teas, one for each sister which you can find by clicking on their names:


So come join us in search of immortality and our precious, precious spell book!