Felix Stellae Loose Leaf Green Tea

Felix Stellae Loose Leaf Green Tea

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All witches create talismans and potions to increase their luck, success, and happiness in life; here is The Forest Witch's own brew: Felix Stellae (Lucky Stars). This cup is a sweet squeeze of orange blended with warming cinnamon, strewn with calendula and safflower petals, with a hint of fortifying cream.

This tea will get rid of unwanted negative energies and people in your life to make way for the abundance of success, prosperity, happiness, and good luck.

• Green tea creates a sweet, grassy base to firmly root this magickal cup of goodness.

• Orange to bring happiness and joy in, to bring your spirits up and energize you, allowing you to bring in the things that make you happy and fulfilled in life. Orange makes way for good luck in your life. They truly are a fruit of abundance, think of orange trees and the many, MANY fruits they can carry. Ruled by the Sun. Associated element is fire.

• Cinnamon is a fiery and sweet spice that brings in not only happiness and peace, but harmony and love. It's excellent at paving the way for the prosperity you want in your life. It's also a great spice to keep unwanted people and energies at bay, leaving you free to welcome in all the good things. Ruled by the Sun, Mercury, Mars, and Uranus; associated elements are air and fire.

• Calendula is quite a lucky flower, also known as marigold, it is often used in weddings as it symbolizes love and constancy. Both are great qualities when it comes to overall happiness, success, and good luck in life. It also keeps negative energies and people away, creating more space in your life for the good things you do want. Calendula, with its bright yellow petals, is ruled by the Sun. Associated element is fire.

• Safflower, with its red-orange petals, is a wonderfully fiery flower that provides the strength to heal. This makes way for your own will to continue taking you forward towards what you want and attain it. Ruled by Mars. Associated element is fire.


organic green tea, organic cinnamon, organic calendula, organic safflower, flavour




Each bag has enough tea for 20 cups when you measure out one teaspoon per cup (8oz) of boiled water.

Comes in a resealable stand-up pouch for easy storing and lasting freshness.


I'm obligated to say that magic is a curio only.


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