Hand Blended Teas And Fantastical Art To Bring A Little Magic To Your Day

The Forest Witch tea shop began as a little bit of magic whilst Melissa "Mia" Arsenault sipped away, imagining delicious tea blends to drink while reading, and wondering if she could make them herself. On a lovely October day, she decided to take that leap and buy her first ingredients, a handful of different types of teas, and plenty of tasty herbs and spices to begin with.

As the months passed, and her offerings grew, Mia realized what a fantastic thing she got to do, and always looked for inspiration for her next blend, whether it is the Gods and mythology from ancient times, or characters and foods from fantastical novels to wonderful shows, movies, and even video games.
So many stories to be consumed, to be loved and geeked out about, and so many teas to be inspired by them!
A couple of years later, Mia found she needed more creative outlets in her life and took up painting, drawing from the same inspirations as her teas. Now she offers art prints as well as teas!