Silver Moon Magic - Art Print
Silver Moon Magic - Art Print

Silver Moon Magic - Art Print

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"Silver Moon Magic"
An original painting by Melissa Arsenault, 2018

An ethereal goddess standing upon a silvered crescent moon. She draws from the power within herself, filtering the energy of the moon to manifest her desires in the world.

The moon has long been a seen in Western magic as a feminine force, connected to the tides, the swelling of emotions, and deep reflection.
This image would do well on a lunar altar, or hung above. A place you need to go to ruminate on feelings and emotions, to sort through them and understand them on a deeper level. She also works well for calling upon lunar energies, of course, to fuel your magic.


Digital prints:
Lustre/Pearl Photo Paper(12mil, 300gsm) 

Fine art prints:
100% Cotton Fine Art Paper (16mil, 315gsm, flat matte)
Giclee printed, archival