School of Witchcraft and Wizardry House Blends Gift Pack (Harry Potter)

School of Witchcraft and Wizardry House Blends Gift Pack (Harry Potter)

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Want to enjoy the flavours of all wizarding houses? Well look no further!
You will receive one bag of all four houses' tea blends.

Also makes a fantastic gift for that Potterhead in your life!

For those brave as Godric Gryffindor, rooibos and honeybush provide a fruity, earthy base for spiced root beer to delight your tongue. A sweet treat as you sit in front of the common room's fires before going off to do something you perhaps shouldn't be doing.

organic honey bush tea, organic rooibos tea, organic cinnamon, organic cloves, organic allspice, organic safflower, flavour


For those cunning and ambitious as Salazar Slytherin, black tea provides a lovely malty and sweet base for pistachios, cherries and lemongrass. A delicious treat for pistachio pudding lovers, and prestigious witches and wizards alike!

organic black tea, organic pistachios, cherries, organic lemongrass, flavour


For those caring and loyal as Helga Hufflepuff, three citrus fruits flavour delicious, spongy cake with a delectable, buttery icing. Honeybush tea mixed with lemon and orange pieces, calendula petals for a pop of sunny colour. Essences of cake and warm icing swirl in this tasty cup to bring you a lovely cup of dessert.

organic honey bush tea, organic lemon pieces, organic orange pieces, organic calendula flowers, flavour


For those wise and witty as Rowena Ravenclaw, green tea blended with sweet blueberries, peppermint to lend a bit of brain power, all atop a creamy cheesecake for fortitude. Perfect for delving into research for your next magical discovery!

organic green tea, organic blueberries, organic peppermint, organic cornflower, flavour


Each bag has enough tea for 20 cups when you measure out one teaspoon per cup (8oz) of water.

Comes in resealable stand-up pouches for easy storing and lasting freshness.